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Double H Horse Farm

Where Versatility Reins

A Bit About Us

Our mission at Double H Horse Farm is to provide an unparalleled equine experience. Our services meet the needs of all horse enthusiasts; from quality instruction for beginners, to outstanding facilities for even the most knowledgeable equestrian.

Nadia Heffner, head trainer at Double H, is recognized by Horse Illustrated as a Female Equine Industry Trailblazer in March of 2021. Nadia is also featured in Horse Illustrated in the January/February 2021 issue, where she is recognized for her work in "Healing With Horses."

Double h horse farm is located South East of Albuquerque, NM on 30 acres. Our facility includes 8 large 12x12 stalls with automatic waterers, 4 large 24x60 covered stalls and a 16x20 stall. Our facility features a 50’ round pen with 6.5 foot tall solid walls and a 115’x250’ arena. Management lives on this beautiful site.

Nadia Heffner
Nadia Heffner
Nadia Heffner
Nadia Heffner
Nadia Heffner
Nadia Heffner and mustang
Services Available
nadia heffner and BLM mustang horse

Nadia Heffner

Nadia Heffner is a co-owner of Double H Horse Farm and prides herself in being well rounded in many disciplines.  She started riding lessons at the age of 7 and started competing at the age of 9 in 4-H, open shows and AQHA shows. 


Nadia has specialized in colt starting and problem solving training, show horses, and mentoring youth. She competes in many disciplines including, but not limited to: Western Pleasure, English hunter under saddle, horsemanship, barrels, poles, team penning and reining. She has also had fun with cowboy challenges taking home ribbons with her mustang and pleasure stallion.


Nadia has increased her knowledge and techniques by working with multiple mentors, including: Dan James, Dana Hokana, Maddie Shambaugh and more.


Nadia has been a certified massage therapist for 22 years and incorporates her knowledge of pain management into her training program. 

Nadia feels that one of her great accomplishments was gentling and training three wild mustangs. One in 2008, was trained in just 84 days. She competed again in 2012 and 2017 placing 4th respectfully.


Nadia is a TIP trainer for the Bureau of Land management. She has helped to gentle and place almost 80 mustangs and burros in to forever homes. For more information on TIP trainers, go to their website.


Other accompishments:  

  • 2002 Certified in 16 hours of Equine Chiropractic

  • 2012 Traveled to Temecula, CA to participate in a clinic with World Champion Trainer Dana Hokana

  • 2017 Participated in a Liberty I Clinic with Maddie Shambaugh in Ohio

  • 2018 Attended two time Road to the Horse Champion Vicki Wilson's Equine Pain Therapy and Rehabilitation clinic in Kentucky at the Australian Equine Performance Center.


Mark Christopher

Mark Christopher is Co-Owner, instructor and trainer at Double H Horse Farm.  He has been associated with horses all his life.  


Mark was only two years old when he started trail riding.  When he was a mere six years old his dad began having him sit in the saddle for young colts to carry weight for the first time.  Soon Mark was teaching and training horses from start to finish.  At twelve Mark was asked to give lessons to the owners of one of the horses he had trained.  It was difficult becasue the adult didn't have much respect for some one of his age.  After some struggle Mark's dad suggested they watch Mark ride the horse.  Mark put the horse through its paces and it went very nice.  He then reached down and took the bridle off.  He then proceeded to put the horse through its paces again and with the ease that he did it, all doubt in the boy was erased.  

After several years of training on his own Mark now had three kids of his own that would put weight in the saddle as he did for his father.  He coached them to win many ribbons in the show pen and at state fair.  Like their dad they were ten year members in 4-H and loved to show and trail ride.

Mark has spent sixteen years working with youth in the 4-H Horse and Pony Club and enjoys passing on his knowledge to others so that they too can enjoy a lifetime with horses.

Mark has a strong background in western and contesting along with working with problem horses.

nadia heffner and mark christopher of double h horse farm

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"Nadia is an exceptional trainer of show horses, but her forte lies within her work with wild Mustangs. Her liberty acts are spellbinding! She is truly a horse whisperer. She will be participating in the Mustang Makeover again this year. In the past she placed in the top four!!!! Her many years of wisdom and knowledge make her a true equine trailblazer."

Michelle M. Eberle

nadia heffner and roscoe the wonder pony in the snow doing liberty training

"Nadia and Mark came out on a Sunday and helped my horse re learn to load and unload from a trailer. They then showed me how to practice with her to improve her skills and my own. Very knowledgeable, nice and good people. I will definitely call them again if I encounter any more troubles."

Jill R. Bair

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